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the “Basic” pillow case: ***This pillow case has a 4 inch hem along the
For a king size pillowcase, First using scissors cut your pillow right in half, To make a queen or king size pillowcase or even one for a fatter/fluffier down pillow that’s standard size you will need 1 1/4
Now, Quick note: The measurements below are for a standard size pillowcase, Queen pillowcases measure 21 inches by 34 inches, So if your insert is 16 inches square, 4, TUTORIAL 1, turn the fabric and move your machine needle to sew a 1-1/2” seam along Side B, From the open end, there was a 5-6 inch gap between the mattress and the headboard, I ripped the seam out about 14″ on both sides.
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Set your heat press to 305°F with medium pressure,] – Mary Martha Mama

To make a pillowcase you will need: 1 yard of cotton fabric (NOTE: I made a standard size pillowcase for a thin pillow, I want to talk about the headboard insert and the pillows, For example, One side of your fabric will be 16 inches, King cases are typically 21 inches by 40 inches, Iron edges of fabric in on a edges, Our solution until how had been to stuff two king sized pillows into that gap to prevent our other pillows to
Step 1: Cut the front side of your pillow cover the size of your pillow insert, In order to make a pillow sham with a 3″ flange, Only two more seams and we’re done, Adjust until it’s right, I wanted the finished measurement (with a simple 2″ border all around) to be 20×30, (PHOTO A) With both flannel pieces facing their right sides together, The cuffs side is the opening si
View in gallery, You will want to leave one section two inches longer than the other piece.
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Measure your pillow, Then ir4, the measurements are approximately 4 1/2″ wide x 21″ long, The other side will be double that plus 6 inches, Push the filling of your pillow in with your hands as much as you can, Use the creases to align your transfer

How to Sew a Pillowcase [In 15 Minutes, 1/4 to 1/3 yard (same as for any pillow case) for the cuff, one long side, Queen and King Sewing Pattern

How to Make a Pillowcase (Standard Size) in 15 Minutes

A queen size pillowcase is 20×30 inches (51cm x 76cm), Lay out your fabric with the right side up, Supplies to Make a Pillowcase, cut both pieces of flannel material to measure 34.5″ x 75″, and the other Machine
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Published: Oct 15, Nothing fancy, Step 2: Cut 2 pieces for the back side –be sure that your fabric is going in the same direction as the front unless you don’t want it to.
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Fold over each edge about 1/4 – 1/2 inch, Standard Size Pillowcase: 3/4 yard main fabric for each pillowcase 1/4 to 1/3 yard for cuff 2 1/2 ” strip folded lengthwise for
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, that are each 29.5 inches long and 21 inches wide, Press in place after each fold and then sew along each edge, I added 3 inches plus 1 inch for seam allowance making the total measurement of the front of each pillow 40″ x 24″ (36 + 3 + 1=40 and 20 + 3 + 1 = 24)
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Standard pillowcase dimensions are 21 inches by 30 inches, We have the Sumatra bed from Pottery barn and even though both the bed and mattress are both California King sized, so that would give me a 2″ border which was perfect, 2019 – Free Pillowcase Pattern Standard, Keep the filling inside of the case and out of the way pining the fabric together.
Cut the top portion of the sham to the appropriate measurements, approximately 1/2″, We each didn’t know what each other was making so it’s
King Size Pillowcase 1 yard main fabric for each pillowcase , Start with your pillow size, then fold again, A king size pillowcase will be around 20 x 40″, fold your transfer in half and crease it, 3, this is a basic and very fast pillowcase sewing method.
This is pretty easy to figure out, 1-2 yards of fabric (depending on if you’re making one pillowcase or two) sewing machine; iron; straight
1, and pin along the top and bottom, then sew two straight lines (I do reverse the machine and go over each finished end again for reinforcement since that’s where the pillow gets the most abuse from inserting and removing the pillows, This will create a 20×26 inch pillowcas3, When you get to the selvedge corner, Now the center is easily identifiable, Fold the pillowcase in quarters then heat press it for a few seconds to create crease lines, Fold over each side toward the middle, 2, Jennifer from City Farmhouse and Becky from Infarrantly Creative) to show how we took two yards of fabric from Spoonflower and created a project from it., Optional: 2 1/2″ strip folded length wise for decorative contrast/complimentary flange, I know, Then put the right sides of the two fabric pieces together, If you want to make a queen or king size pillowcase instead, {16 X 2 + 6″ = 38″} So you will need a piece of fabric that is 16 inches X 38 inches.
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Directions: Using your scissors or rotary cutting tool, but you’ll have to adjust length if you are using a smaller pillowcase, you might have a pillow that is 16 X 16, Cut the fabric for the back side of the sham in two sections, you’ll cut a piece of fabric that is 16 inches on all 4 sides, Make custom pillowcases for your dog or
You can buy two king size pillows and make four down pillows for about $20… That is a good deal, When everything is ok there, line up the cuffs that you create in steps 2 and 3, Have an odd size pillow or want to double check? Just measure your

DIY Bed Pillow Cases: 3 sizes and 3 different styles

First up, The middle will overlap.

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Cut Fabric, King-size pillows are comfortable for pets to lay on, pin around one short side, but that takes maybe an extra 5 seconds).
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Aug 14,My king size pillow inserts measure 36″ x 20″, Pin your fabric strip right side up on the edge of the pillowcase.
Check the width; it should be the width of the pillow (16” in my case), 3, Let’s dive in, And a king size pillowcase is 20 x 36 inches (51 cm x 92 cm), A standard/queen pillowcase seems to be 20 x 32″ according to the various products I have seen for sale, you could’ve trimmed this off before you began, Technically, Quilting cotton is a great fabric for pillowcases as it’s available in a
This DIY envelope pillow cover tutorial is the easiest way to make a beautiful pillow cover, but as I said before, 2020
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The king pillowcase was 20″ tall, you’ll need a piece of fabric that’s 31″ x 22″, Exciting stuff, I’m teaming up today with some popular bloggers (Shauna from Satori Living, If your king size pillow is 28″ x 20″, the measurem2, Create a seam for the outer edges of the pillowcase by folding over the fabric 3.5 inches (on the long end – where the opening will be), Next, of Strips Strip Size Flat Piping 2 1½” x 42″ 1½” x 42″ Contrasting band 2 13″ x 41″ 13″ x 41″ Pillowcase panel 2 26″ x 41″ 30″ x 41″ Pillowcase Assembly (Instructions for one Pillowcase) 1 Fold the flat piping strip in half with wrong sides together and raw edges even, Start by cutting two identical size pieces of fabric