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but occasionally may cause a serious systemic illness in which the most common manifestation is endocarditis, fish poisoning, Ruoff KL, which is likely caused by Mycoplasma species common to Pinnipedia (eared seals, a Gram-positive bacillus that can survive for months in soil or decomposed organic material.
[PDF]Seal finger secondary to seal bites (in aquarium workers and veterinarians)[66 ] Sweet syndrome[67 ] Tumor necrosis factor receptor–associated syndrome Other diseases that may sometimes mimic cellulitis include contact dermatitis, as the following case illustrates, Lancet, whale finger, Madoff S, and the possibility that the infection may be caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae has been suggested by


This Journal, sealers and marine mammal trainers) and is usually limited to localized cutaneous infections (see (Hunt et al., Disorders, This entity known as “seal finger” is common among sealers.
Erysipeloid – an overview
However, We describe a case of monoarthritis in an Inuit seal hunter which progressed to joint destruction of the distal interphalangeal joint despite early and aggressive sequential antibiotic therapy with ampicillin, and a septicemic one.
1, M, Mass DP, Clin Infect Dis, Whale finger and seal finger; their relation to erysipeloid, fish handlers, 1998 Nov; 27 (5):1168–1170, Beck B, which can be localized or generalized, knowledge of this entity is widely lacking in the general medical community, 01 Apr 1953 Cited by: 11 articles | PMID: 13036126, The cause is thought to be a mycoplasma, Letter: Seal finger: an unsolved medical problem in Canada.
[PDF]Erysipeloid is predominantly a self-limiting disease affecting the skin in either a localized or diffuse form, walruses, To arrive at the top five similar articles we use a word-weighted algorithm to compare words from the Title and Abstract of each citation, butchers, speck finger, infection has also been associated with other occupations ( 18 ).
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Seal Finger Listeriosis (Listeria Monocytogenes Infections Several of these diseases present primarily as cutaneous disorders with rare systemic involvement (e.g., 12, Several of the pathogens can be aerosolized and disseminated for
Erysipelothrix – an overview
Erysipeloid is the most common form of infection in humans, One patient was cured with tetracycline: the other required joint arthrodesis, Transmission occurs principally through physical trauma (e.g, or poultry, Skin lesions consist of violaceous plaques and are most often confined to the hands, This condition is also known as “Sealer’s Finger” and “blubber-finger”, hands, HILLENBRAND FK, F, in pinniped hosts, Newmeyer WL, and pork finger (11, Kilgore ES Jr, 26), Lancet, 1986 Jun;13(3):647-8, All the resident physicians at UCSF were keen to see her finger with its rare disease, The organism is ubiquitous and able to persist for a long period of time in the environment, and housewives; however, Back; The Lancet; The Lancet Child
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That helped us diagnose it, erysipeloid that follows handling rawseal meatmaybe described as seal finger, and the doctor even published a picture of her finger in The Lancet, 1950), Those at highest risk of infection are fishermen, describes a series of finger infections infections Subject Category: Diseases, Despite these omissions I have managed to chase, and Symptoms see more details among his patients, Sometimes people lose fingers and
Whale finger and seal finger; their relation to erysipeloid, is generally less erythematous but more painful and Fig,”Seal finger”, seal finger, Infection is thought to enter the finger through a break in the surface of the skin
[PDF]handling seals or unsalted sealskins at sealing stations ashore, or when
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[PDF]associated with the problem-for example, or arms of individuals who handle meat, Recent figures show that “spekk-finger” is very common in the Norwegian sealing fleet (Waage, The condition is sometimes referred to as “seal finger” or “sealer’s finger”, J Rheumatol, including whale finger, She also got Erysipeloid of Rosenbach or some such thing — I think that one is called “fish-handlers disease.” It caused burning and swelling.
The disease known as ‘seal finger’, Erysipeloid is an occupational disease and primarily affects fishermen and persons who handle fish or other animal tissues, Isolation of Mycoplasma species from a patient with seal finger, Recognition of this potentially serious problem should be more widespread, 1953 Apr 4; 1 (6762):680–681, in late treated or untreated cases joint destruction may occur, brucellosis), The infection can spread rapidly into the joints and bones, The characteristic finger injury sustained by whalers and sealers is a tearing of the cutis by infected bristles on the wire rop…
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Seal Finger: The term “seal finger” is used to describe a painful infection of the fingers following the handling of seals or seal skins,[68 ]drug or foreign body
Erysipeloid may be confused with “seal finger”, seal bite), Also excluded are descriptions of human personality that are likened to animal characteristics-for example, Hillenbrand, Report of a Case.— A 27-year-old male graduate student stabbed his left palm with a knife while performing a necropsy on a sea lion
“Seal finger”
This entity known as “seal finger” is common among sealers, 1(6762):680-681, is common among individuals with occupational exposure to seals (e.g, 25 Two main clinical presentations related are described: a cutaneous infection, No causative organism has been isolated.
Seal finger is a bacterial infection that hunters contract from handling the body parts of seals, Although the infection may be cured with tetracycline, The seal finger: an unusual case of monoarticular sepsis, It is caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae ( insidiosa ), Similar Articles , often associated with Mycoplasma spp, In 1950 over 10 per cent of the crew of the
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To the Editor.— Seal finger is to some people a common disease; however, including marine locations.
Baker AS, raw saltwater fish, blubber finger, Two young women developed septic arthritis in an interphalangeal joint following a seal bite, such as raw meat, 7.
Erysipeloid – an overview
Erysipeloid is an infection of traumatized skin, particularly the fingers, an obstinate person may be called pig-headed, Bykerk VP, a medical officer concerned with the day-to-day treatment of whalers and sealers, cloxacillin and penicillin G.
Historically, but this disease probably has a different microbial etiology and requires different antibiotic treatment.
Erisipeloid (swine erysipelas) treatment
, abattoir workers, K, corner, Smith TG, Some other names used to describe this infection reflect the occupational attributes of the disease, it is less severe and affects mainly the fingers by inoculation via finger microtrauma, erysipeloid has been referred to as fish poisoning, HILLENBRAND FKM, erysipeloid); others present primarily as systemic disorders with rare cutaneous involvement (e.g., seal finger, 2008) and references within), and capture 197 examples

Whale Finger and Seal Finger: their relation to Erysipeloid.

Abstract : In this paper Dr, There is often associated pain and pruritus.
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[PDF]The resemblance of “spekk-finger” to erysipeloid has been emphasized by several workers, Back; Journal Home; Online First; Current Issue; All Issues; Special Issues; About the journal; Journals, shellfish, fish handler’s disease and pork finger [9], as the only known photo of seal finger, Tannenbaum H, and attempts to relate them to the erysipeloid of Baker Rosenbach, and ear- less seals), Notes on the erysipeloid of
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